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Troy Youth Soccer League (TYSL) is pleased to offer Goalkeeping Clinics for players enrolled in the TYSL Spring 2016 season.

The Goalkeeping Clinics are “individual” clinics (not “team” clinics). In other words, these clinics are intended for those players on each team that actually play goal (or could be encouraged to play goal) and are interested in developing their goalkeeping skills.  This is NOT limited to one player per team!

Goalkeeping clinics will be held at Wass Elementary School.  Wass is located in the sub between John R and Dequindre and between Long Lake (18 mile) and Square Lake (19 mile).  Enter the subdivision to the school by way of Highbury (from John R), by way of Blair (from Long Lake), or by way of English (from Dequindre).

Dates and Times

Monday Sept. 12        6:00–7:00pm   Boys & Girls K-2       7:00–8:00pm Girls Grade 7-8

Tuesday Sept. 13       6:00–7:00pm    Boys & Girls K-2      7:00–8:00pm Girls Grade 5-6

Wed.       Sept. 14 6:00–7:00pm  Girls Grade 3-4          7:00–8:00pm Boys Grade 7-8

Thurs.     Sept. 15      6:00–7:00pm  Boys Grade 3-4         7:00–8:00pm Boys Grade 5-6

**Clinics are canceled when games are canceled per posting on the website, tysl.org.
How to Request a Goalkeeping Clinic

Registration will be done through an online form at tysl.org/html/Goal_Clinic_Request_Form.html. Slots will be filled on a first come, first served basis so act promptly to secure a slot and/or preferred slot.  If you wait too long to sign up and all the slots are filled, I won’t be able to help you.

If you want to sign up for a clinic (maximum one per player), please fill out the online form.
In the Comments section at the bottom of the form you can list specific requests.
I will attempt to schedule around your preferences and I will try get back to you quickly so that you can plan ahead.

Yours in soccer,
TYSL Staff

GOAL KEEPER CLINIC REQUEST FORM     Filled out by coach or parent for individual players.