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TYSL Starts On-line Registration started Tuesday May 20, 2014


Welcome to Coaches' Corner... Here you will find League Information from a coach's point of view. For questions, comments, or concerns please e-mail the office.

Coaches’ Calendar of events. Click here.                                                                                   Scheduling Page


Updated chart for the 2014 Fall Season


Length of Game

Minimum Playing Time

Ball Size

Pre K & K

(2) 25 minute halves

13 minutes per half


1st thru 4th

(2) 25 minute halves

13 minutes per half


5th & 6th

(2) 30 minute halves

15 minutes per half


7th & 8th

(2) 35 minute halves

18 minutes per half


9th to 12th

(2) 45 minute halves

23 minutes per half


TYSL Standardized Schedule for the Fall 2014 Season                          

If you are interested in volunteering to coach soccer with TYSL please go to the
Online Registration Page then register to volunteer as a coach after registering your child to play.


Attention All Coaches                                                                                                        11/16/13

The State of Michigan mandates that all Coaches complete a Heads Up Concussion computer training video that all coaches have to watch and take a short test. It takes about 30 minutes. Make sure you use the name on your license for this and Risk Management information.

More information about the Michigan Public Acts 342 and 343

You will receive a certificate for completing the training and you only need to watch the video once in your coaching career.

Click to start Heads-Up Concussion Training Video.


MSYSA Heads Up Concussion Information for Parents and Players

Return To Play Form


Spring teams remain the same as much as possible. There are always some changes due to new players or players who opt for other activities in the spring.

Fall teams are new every Fall Season.


The Referees have been instructed not to permit children to play wearing jewelry and hard objects.  This policy is intended to try to reduce hazards and incidents of potentially serious injury.  For the same reason, the hard plastic of the shin guards should be completely covered/enclosed by a sock or sleeve.

Examples of banned objects include earrings, any loose-fitting wrist band/bracelet, any hard metal or plastic wrist band/bracelet/watch; jean shorts with metal studs/rivets, belt buckles, plastic or metal hair holders/clips, and so on.

These items should probably not even be worn to the games (so they don't get lost when they are removed). It's probably best if players also avoid wearing these items to practice.  Thanks in advance.

Coaches Note about Refereeing.

Coaches Note on the Mercy Rule.



We have some open Board positions that we need volunteers for. Please e-mail the office at tysl@tysl.org if interested in helping guide the league.


Bob Scott

TYSL President

All Troy Youth Soccer League coaches and managers need to have a Current MSYSA Risk management card and Heads up Concussion Training.

TYSL / MSYSA Information on Risk Management

Information on Risk Management from MSYSA

Please contact tysl@sbcglobal.net for more information on to start a renewal or to apply for a new Risk management card.

Questions and Answers about Score Keeping

Things all TYSL Coaches MUST KNOW

Coaches Code of Conduct

Parents Code of Conduct

TYSL Rules Page

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