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TYSL Starts On-line Registration started Tuesday May 20, 2014


Coaches’ meetings are usually held on the Third Thursday of the month during the fall (August/September/October) and spring (April/May) seasons.

The following Troy Youth Soccer Coaches events are scheduled for Fall 2014:

Tentative Dates in Red

8/3/2014 - First Draft Schedule posted

8/5/2014 Thursday Coaches Meeting @ 8:00 at the Troy Community Center Room 402

8/19/2014  - Fall package pick up begins, risk management process completed

8/18/2014 Coaches orientation - 6:00 at Firefighters Park - Recommended for all newer coaches

8/24/2014  - Final Team Schedule Posted

8/26/2014 - Fall Player Clinics Start

9/2/2014 - Spring season begins

9/13/2014 - TYSL Picture Day @ Raintree Park -    Boys this Fall    -   Girls will be in the spring

9/18/2014  - Last Day for TYSL Team clinics

9/18/2014  Thursday Coaches Meeting @ Troy Community Center  8:30 PM   Room T B A8:30 PM

T B A  - Spring 2015 registration begins

9/20/2014 - SoccerFest

10/16/2014 Thursday

Coaches Meeting @ Troy Community Center  8:30 PM Board Elections Room T B A8

10/26/2014 - Spring season ends

T B A    - Spring Coaches training @ 6:00 Firefighters Park please wear active clothing/27/12-10/28
Please contact TYSL at 248.524.0170 tysl@tysl.org or tysl@sbcglobal.net for additional  information.